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Smooth Unique Style

This animation, though the length was a little short due to the story i'm guessing, was one of the smoothest pieces of work i have seen. It seems that everything just flows together so perfect.

The turning of the purple blob thing, the hand coming out of the clerks face, and the funky transformation thing the devil did in the beginning all looked absolutely phenomenal.

The backgrounds on the flash made the animation in the foreground pop out even more. Even though the detail on the back was still amazing. The cash register in the beginning( that had fuck written on the keys :D) caught my eye along with the guitars in the background.

The story was alright; the ending had me laughing quite a bit. When i saw the face of the octopus i had to crack a smile. That and the whole beard growing randomly thing.

I really want to see more animation from you in the future. I saw this flash after i saw you post on the animation forum with a little flash you made(the piano one) and i had to see what else you made and boy was i happy.

Keep up the amazing work. Oh and one more thing, what FPS do you animate at? I wouldn't be surprised if it was 36+ with how smooth it is.

Jaime-R responds:

Thanks fer the review, buddy! :D The FPS was at 19. I dunno why I stuck with that weird number, but it just felt right. I'm working on a new animation that's going at 24 FPS, so stay tuned, yo.

Awkward...yet hilarious.

This is one of those flash that keeps you laughing your ass off through the whole thing. While the animation may not be the highest quality, the audio comedy definitely makes up for it. The story was also well in place with the other episodes which really pleased me.

My Wife is a hilarious character. What else is there really to say about him? He is a creepy murder rapist and he always mixes up his words. His character reminds me of a few things me and friends do sometimes while talking to each other (the whole "oh hey who said that? who could have said that?" bit going on there). Maybe that is why i was laughing through the whole thing, or maybe just because it was genius.

The backgrounds were pretty much the same throughout so i can't say much about that, but they were good none the less. Even though they had perspective, they weren't cleaned up very well(the benches were sloppy). I guess it made the characters stand out better?

The sound quality and everything in that aspect was great. As i said before, the audio is hilarious and i would probably put this on my iPod if could. It is just one of those things you can watch again and still laugh about it.

I hope to see more from you soon, well not too soon because that might mean you were rushing :P

But anyway, i hope to see more of this My Wife guy in future episodes. Perhaps his own story?

Skaijo responds:

You can get an mp3 from Youtube, that is to say I put it up there. I appreciate the indepth review, but you know I don't take myself so seriously on these projects >:3

Much Love,

This flash = OMG

The animation style of this flash is amazing. The fluid exaggerated movement of the characters really gives them a lot of style. I play a bit of TF2 so i got all the jokes and what not, they were pretty good.

The sounds were fitting, backgrounds were taken right from the game but you fit the animation on top of it really well. Going behind things and everything it looked really well done.

After the whole "sexy-time" part i thought that the animation was over, but to my surprise, there was still more epic to bestow upon my eyeballs. The ending with the medic was a nice implement of the character, and the joke(not going to give it away for obvious reasons) was pretty good at the end also.

The whole movie was well made and it is definitely one of my favorite on newgrounds. Good length, animation, and sound. Keep up the good work because damn this flash was awesome.

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Pretty Damn Awesome

Just like Miami Shark, this game is really fun to play. Although it is practically a clone of Miami shark, with some new art in some places, it still has a lot of playability. The graphics are nice to look at, and there was no lag for me at all during those explosions which was great.

I like the idea of the game being in a different setting, but imagine if you just made 1 game, with different levels(locations) rather than a bunch of separate ones? Maybe for the next one make 3 seperate locations you can choose from.

The button mashing is still really fun and i don't know if the aircraft actually fights against you or not, but that would be a neat feature if it wasn't already there. It would give it a bit more of a challenge.

Art is great, as the last one. Some really nice line work and the coloring is also quite nice. It isn't too detailed, but it is noticeable that time was put into drawing it. Because you can just hold the bite button down, the sound gets kind of annoying, but i guess that is the price for holding it down rather than pressing it only when you need it.

All in all, good game. Hopefully more ( a little more original ) games in the future.

"Sharks are stunning, sleek, lightning fast swimmers and will attack and eat virtually anything - A shark bites down hard."

Fun and Creative

While this was almost exactly the same thing as your gun game, i still feel it has originality left in it. The game play is different because the bow bounces off the wall and you can damage the target that way along with the fact the bow is harder to aim than the gun.

The challenges are quite simple for the first few. But they start to get challenging as you change your bow. The one problem i see with this is there is no description on how to do the challenges. For the second one, i am completely lost on what to do.

The campaign is sort of repetitive, but it is still playable even if you play it for a while. This game gets frustrating, but you can still enjoy the aspect of it. I think the bow bouncing off the wall and still damaging targets makes the game a bit more easy also. Maybe you could have incorporated some sort of mode that the arrows don't bounce off the walls? But rather they stick? I don't know...

The choices of bows you get is pretty simple, but the upgrade feature is really nice. I think this is fine because the game shouldn't take to long to beat anyway so good choice there.

The music for the menu is a really nice loop and it has a "bow-type" game feel to it for some reason. I like how there is no music during the actual game play to distract you from play. Oh, and the bow sound when shooting is nice in quality.

Hope to see at least 1 more of these games from you, but try not to milk the series dry. Good job, loved it :)

Fun to Play...for a bit

This game was so fun when i started to play it, but as i kept playing it started to lose its value. Every time i was encountering another "level" after bumping into a monster, it felt so repetitive.

Sometimes, the monsters would jump before you could attack, and this would cause me to lose tons of health. I eventually got the hang of it, but sometimes it still happened. I don't know if this is my own error or just the way the game was. Either way, it was semi-annoying, but i got over it.

The music, the art, and the animation were all fine. The level up system was really cool because as you level your armor, your armor actually changes in game. The spells were really hard to use because i couldn't find a real way to put the spell into one direction really. Sometimes i would be facing one way, and the spell would mainly fly behind me and not even touch the enemy. But, when it did hit it did tons of damage and it was really helpful.

The character style is really cool. The non-attached arms is a style i really like and the character design reminded me of Kirby. The boss fights were fun, and easy enough to get a hang of. I died a few times when first playing the boss in the desert that makes those hairballs, but i got it in the end.

Keep these games coming, they are original and i like your style of art. It is simple, but still stands out really well compared to other styles.

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Wow that is awesome thanks

Just when i thought Madness couldn't get any cooler...

Thanks a lot for drawing this, now i have more to base my animation i am making on. I will be sure to include that axe in the movie itself in honor of this.

Everything is pretty much perfect in this picture. I like the guy who is getting beaten, his body position is hilarious. The muscular body looks really good too, nice job on anatomy.

I don't really know what else to comment on, it is sick. Keep up the great work, and thanks again :)

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