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Phillip's Song Phillip's Song

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Smooth Unique Style

This animation, though the length was a little short due to the story i'm guessing, was one of the smoothest pieces of work i have seen. It seems that everything just flows together so perfect.

The turning of the purple blob thing, the hand coming out of the clerks face, and the funky transformation thing the devil did in the beginning all looked absolutely phenomenal.

The backgrounds on the flash made the animation in the foreground pop out even more. Even though the detail on the back was still amazing. The cash register in the beginning( that had fuck written on the keys :D) caught my eye along with the guitars in the background.

The story was alright; the ending had me laughing quite a bit. When i saw the face of the octopus i had to crack a smile. That and the whole beard growing randomly thing.

I really want to see more animation from you in the future. I saw this flash after i saw you post on the animation forum with a little flash you made(the piano one) and i had to see what else you made and boy was i happy.

Keep up the amazing work. Oh and one more thing, what FPS do you animate at? I wouldn't be surprised if it was 36+ with how smooth it is.

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Jaime-R responds:

Thanks fer the review, buddy! :D The FPS was at 19. I dunno why I stuck with that weird number, but it just felt right. I'm working on a new animation that's going at 24 FPS, so stay tuned, yo.

Professor Layton pt. 6 Professor Layton pt. 6

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Awkward...yet hilarious.

This is one of those flash that keeps you laughing your ass off through the whole thing. While the animation may not be the highest quality, the audio comedy definitely makes up for it. The story was also well in place with the other episodes which really pleased me.

My Wife is a hilarious character. What else is there really to say about him? He is a creepy murder rapist and he always mixes up his words. His character reminds me of a few things me and friends do sometimes while talking to each other (the whole "oh hey who said that? who could have said that?" bit going on there). Maybe that is why i was laughing through the whole thing, or maybe just because it was genius.

The backgrounds were pretty much the same throughout so i can't say much about that, but they were good none the less. Even though they had perspective, they weren't cleaned up very well(the benches were sloppy). I guess it made the characters stand out better?

The sound quality and everything in that aspect was great. As i said before, the audio is hilarious and i would probably put this on my iPod if could. It is just one of those things you can watch again and still laugh about it.

I hope to see more from you soon, well not too soon because that might mean you were rushing :P

But anyway, i hope to see more of this My Wife guy in future episodes. Perhaps his own story?

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Skaijo responds:

You can get an mp3 from Youtube, that is to say I put it up there. I appreciate the indepth review, but you know I don't take myself so seriously on these projects >:3

Much Love,

TmsT's "Spy & Pyro" TmsT's "Spy & Pyro"

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This flash = OMG

The animation style of this flash is amazing. The fluid exaggerated movement of the characters really gives them a lot of style. I play a bit of TF2 so i got all the jokes and what not, they were pretty good.

The sounds were fitting, backgrounds were taken right from the game but you fit the animation on top of it really well. Going behind things and everything it looked really well done.

After the whole "sexy-time" part i thought that the animation was over, but to my surprise, there was still more epic to bestow upon my eyeballs. The ending with the medic was a nice implement of the character, and the joke(not going to give it away for obvious reasons) was pretty good at the end also.

The whole movie was well made and it is definitely one of my favorite on newgrounds. Good length, animation, and sound. Keep up the good work because damn this flash was awesome.

48hr Film-fest entry 48hr Film-fest entry

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Where to start with this...

Yeah, this flash pretty much made me realize that you have an immense amount of talent. I mean if you made this in under 48 hours, i can't even imagine what a month would be.

Your style is very unique and the sound effects really stick out. I think that is what makes your flash animations memorable to me, they are so unique. The background word is just as detailed as the foreground and the animation is smooth.

It has a very ominous feel, and in fact this one had some humor in it. The hand getting its fingers chopped off and swearing off the screen was a nice touch to the movie itself. I'm guessing the meaning was "don't bite the hand that feeds you" thing going on here. The ending with the starving makes sense if that is the case.

The beginning before the egg hatching was really great, the growing of the main character was another cool concept in the flash. The world on the globe being an actual place where it is inhabited was swell, kind of gives the feeling that the creature on it was a pet or some sort of experiment.

Everything looked good and there is nothing to complain about in this flash at all. For 48 hours you have made an amazing flash, and after reading the author's comments i'm surprised you didn't win.

Amazing flash, and good luck on the next competition you enter.

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FelixColgrave responds:

This is practically the same as something as I'd make in a month, seeing as I never usually force myself that much. If I worked THAT hard for a month without any sleep I'd probably die.

In Newgrounds In Newgrounds

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Progressed Slowly

While watching this animation i found myself to be bored really quickly. It seems that you made everything really drawn out so that the movie would actually last longer. I feel that if you would have just made some parts shorter than they were, it would have been a lot less boring.

Your style is pretty neat, the character design is cool and the backgrounds and objects fit well with it. The newgrounds references with the flash file(which might i add you had an FLA file rather than an SWF), the madness character, and the turtle from toss the turtle.

There was no music(mainly playing) which i think played a part in making it kind of dull, but it also gave the animation a nice feel because the sound effects really played a big part in the actual animation.

In the future i recommend you try not to draw out the parts so much. The part at the desk seemed to be longer than it should have. So, the movie was nice and all but it felt really boring.

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The Man Who Could Sit... The Man Who Could Sit...

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Let me 'ass' you a question

How do you do it? You continue to submit quality submissions at an amazing rate. The story of each flash is unique and your own style. The voice acting is always great, and the background details are always looking high quality.

The one problem i had with this flash, is the part where he is sitting on all the stuff, i get that it was to build up to the next part(not going to reveal in case you didn't watch it yet), but i felt kind of bored after a while. Yes, some of the places he was sitting were hilarious, i just got bored of it. It lost its touch, but the rest of the flash made up for it completely.

After the credits, the little segment you added made me laugh out loud. I was kind of expecting that, but i wasn't too sure on what it was going to be. I loved how it ended, and i think it was the best possible way the flash could have ended.

Like i said, your animations always look really smooth and good. Your character design is simple, but unique. Keep these flashes coming, because not once have i not laughed at one of them yet.

Also, i noticed he was reading the C&H book while sitting down :)

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Get on My Horse Get on My Horse

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Catchy little bugger :P

The song is really catchy, and in fact, i have put it on my iPod now. The animation was very Weeblish(lol) and the loop thing you have going on for you is really neat. You pretty much have perfected the looping art in flash, the music goes perfect in loop and the animation loop transition.

The song lyrics are absolutely zaney and sounds superb as always. The animation fits perfectly with the song and the quality itself was all around great. The quality of the sound is really important for a flash like this, since it is only a loop and not too long, the quality of the sound AND the quality of the animation play a big factor. And you have hit the nail on the head with this.

The little part with the universe is a nice change in the song and it builds perfectly to the starting of the loop. I mean, when i was watching it thought it was going to play another verse after that because it looped so smoothly.

The characters really stand out on the grass / meadow background because of the detail in the background. Now i don't know if you drew / painted the background, but with it in the flash it makes the characters up front stand out more and catch your eye.

Keep the loops coming, because they are just getting better and better as you make more.

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Left 4 Speed 2 Left 4 Speed 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Reminded me of how much i love L4D2

This movie is pretty much a perfect spin off of the campaign on L4D2. I loved the jokes and actually understood all of them clearly which made me a very happy camper.

The quick, short, funny jokes that are in there are exactly what brings a smile to my face. In fact, after watching this, i want to play the game again but i won't be able to take the thoughts of this flash off my head while i play.

The backgrounds were awesome, and characters looked great and they were really played off well. Coach made me almost piss my pants with the whole football thing and Rochelle's character in the flash was also hilarious.

The charger masturbating made me tear up, because that is exactly what i thought as i was playing through the game. The jockey humping is also a very common thing to think of while playing also. All of these jokes are taken right from game play, and that is what makes this flash so damn awesome.

The voices were clear and it was easy to understand who was talking because when they had their back turned, you had the outline of the character move a bit. Like the scene in front of the elevator.

Keep it up, you have talent.

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"Snowfall" "Snowfall"

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Reminded me of Calvin & Hobbes

I don't know if you based the character off Calvin, but it sure seemed like it. This flash was great and the animation was also on that level. The one thing that stood out though, was the music not matching the animation really.

I think you could have chosen a better song to go with the pace of the animation. The song you played was slow, but the animation seemed fast paced. At the end though, the animation and the music fit. Shame it didn't for the whole flash though.

The concept is great, a playful child randomly being pelted by snowballs who encounters forest critters and what not. I do think the part with the animals was kind of random, but it fit the animation well and was humorous.

Another thing i noticed was that the trees were just traced bitmaps, but it turned out looked really good. It fit well and was actually difficult to tell at all. The constant snowfall(guessing it was put in with actionscript?) was a nice touch also. It matched the whole style of the animation and looked good also.

The ending was really well, and i don't think it could have ended any better. It gave me a good chuckle and made me miss the snow.

Great job, and try to choose a song that will fit the flow of the animation. I guarantee you will receive even better feedback than you did with this.

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Learn 2 Read Learn 2 Read

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Great animation, but no length :(

Yes, while the animation is delightfully awesome, i am sad to say it is so short. I realize that this is just a short flick, but it was still enjoyable. The sound quality you produce in your flashes is amazing. The quality feels like you are right there with the characters.

The animation was smooth and the character's look well. One thing that i noticed is the adult who enters the stage has a poorly drawn neck and a bad perspective body. I suppose you didn't feel the need to make it look better because the animation is so short, but it is just something i noticed.

The demon's face at the end is great on the other hand. The transition from face to demon is smooth and the skin tears right off.

The background may have been simple, but it was enough so that i wasn't distracted from the main animation in the foreground. The style really makes the characters stand out so you can notice them.

Maybe, in the future, you could possibly create a bunch of these shorts and combine them into 1 big flash epic movie? Just an idea, and i am sure the outcome would do amazing.

A nice little flash, keep it up.

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Oney responds:

yeah i was gonna make more, kinda hard to do so in college, yeah i rushed the dad, all valid points, i'll try to make it flawless next time! thanks!